automated guided carts

Automated Guided Carts (AGC's)

Mor-Tech Design, Inc. has a facility dedicated solely to the development, build, and testing of automated guided carts (AGC's). Since our initial product release in 2010 we have delivered hundreds of units to more than a dozen countries around the world. We have systems operating in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

AGC's are commonly used for material delivery within manufacturing plants. These units can often reduce or eliminate the need for "manual pushing" of material carts and also may reduce or eliminate the need for operator driven "tuggers".

In addition to material delivery applications our AGC's are also being utilized for assembly process applications, taking the place of dedicated conveyors or manual push - pull lines.

Mor-Tech currently offers 2 AGC models:

  • Standard Duty - 1500 lb. towing capacity.
  • Heavy Duty - 2500 lb capacity.

We offer a full line of accessory items and will also be pleased to quote on your specific requirements for custom trailers, part fixturing, etc. Our Engineering department can also assist with planning your AGC path. If your system requires more sophisticated control we offer a "Traffic Control" system that maintains constant wireless communication with each AGC in the system and will manage the flow of all AGC's based on your production requirements. Traffic control can be integrated with your production controls as needed.

Please contact us to discuss your particular AGC application.

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